Herbal ideas for emotional aftercare, injury aftercare, and chemical weapons aftercare

First, a note about using herbs: generally the following herbal suggestions are safe. However consult an experienced herbalist if you are pregnant, have a serious medical condition, or are on medications. Discontinue if you have any negative or allergic reaction, symptoms get worse or the condition does not improve. These suggestions are for education and empowerment. They are not meant to overide common sense or to replace a practitioners care if needed. The herbal and homeopathic remedies mentioned in this zine should be easily attainable from a local health food store as singles, however you may have to combine them into the formula yourself.

In general, rest up, take good care of yourself, and seek help if physical or emotional symptoms last longer than you think they should. If you do see a health care provider, keeping a copy of your medical records and symptoms may be useful in the future, if you plan to take legal action against the police.

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